How Often Should You Change Your Razor?

“How often should I change my razor?” is a question that is asked a lot and for excellent reason. When it comes to wet shaving, it’s all about the sharpness of your blade. The sharper the edge, the closer the shave and the less likely you are to snag your skin. By the same token, you also don’t want to change the blade prematurely and waste perfectly good blades. It’s about finding that sweet spot.

Here we explore exactly how to make the most of your razor blade and spot the signs of when to change it.

How Long Do Razor Blades Last?

The lifespan of a razor blade is more about the number of time’s that it is used than a particular period of time. Leading razor brand Gillette advises that razors are changed after every 5-7 shaves while others purport can last up to 10 shaves.

When it comes to how long razors last, it depends on a few factors. Namely, the individuals particular shaving routine, the thickness of their hair, and the blades used.

As blades dull (become blunter), they will offer a less precise shave and be prone to pulling. This can result in possible shaving rash, nicks and cuts.

As a rule of thumb, change your blades this often depending on how often you shave:

Every day shaver: You will need to change your blade every week to 10 days.
Every other day shaver: You will need to change your blade every 2 weeks to 2.5 weeks
Twice a week shaver: Replace the blade every 4-6 weeks
Once a week shaver: Replace the blade every 8 to 10 weeks

Although there isn’t an exact science to changing razor blades, these timelines consider the 5-10 shave rule.

You can also judge when a blade is in need of a change based on how it feels against your skin and the sharpness factor. If it fails to give you the desired shave, it is time to change it.

NB: Another significant warning sign that blades need changing and throwing away is if you notice a build-up of rust. You should never use a blade that has rust on it as this could cause a bad infection.

How to Clean a Razor

Razor blades need regular cleaning to keep them sharp and hygienic. A simple clean can rid them of hair and skin debris and keep them doing their job for longer. Sometimes simplicity is best, and this is undoubtedly the case when it comes to cleaning your razor.

Simply run the blade under warm water until it’s free of hair and debris. If the hair is stubborn, you can submerge the blade in the water for a while and gently shake it to dislodge any stuck hair. Be sure to rinse from both the front and the back to get rid of all the hair and debris.

Once you have cleaned your razor blade, make sure it dries out properly. Don’t leave it on a wet surface like a sink or in the shower, as the blades could rust.

Razor Blades for Sensitive Skin

If you have super sensitive skin prone to shaving rash and reactions, you will want to choose a razor with protective guards between the individual blades to reduce tugging on your skin. These guards can evenly distribute any pressure and reduce the impact on the skin, all the while resulting in a close shave. If you have sensitive skin, follow these top tips too:

Wash your body first or submerge in a warm bath so that skin is softer.
Use a shaving gel or cream for a smooth and moisturising shave.
For ultra-sensitive skin, go against common logic and shave with the grain, rather than against (i.e. shave from the knee to the ankle rather than the other way around)
Change blades the moment they look dull (this might require more frequent changes than those without sensitive skin)
Apply your moisturiser to shaved areas as soon as you get out of the bath or shower
Dry your razor and store it somewhere dry

How to Make Your Blades Last Longer

There are several factors that will determine the lifespan of your blade. These include:

Individual hair thickness

Thicker hair will naturally wear blades down quicker than fine hair. The thickness of your hair will impact the lifespan of the razorblade.

Your shaving routine:

Your shaving routine will also determine how long razor blades last. If you shave every day, you will need to change the blade more often than if you shave twice a week.

Blade care:

Caring for blades can also enhance their lifespan. Clean them thoroughly with warm water after every use and leave them out to dry properly.

Blade quality:

Opting for high-quality brands with premium blades is another fantastic way to enhance their lifespan. More often than not, you will get what you pay for when it comes to razors, and cheap disposable razor blades probably won’t last as long as more powerful brands.

Razor blades have a lifespan and changing them regularly can enhance their lifespan and give you a much closer shave.

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