Get rid of your specs today. Want to know how?

Do you feel stress in your eyes? Do you continuously look at the computer screen? If so, be careful! This can cause vision problems, strain in your eyes, and even headaches and anxiety. Since you cannot stop your work, you must spare at least 10 minutes from your busy schedule to do some eye exercises. These exercises are beneficial for relieving strain, strengthen the eye muscles, improve cognitive performance, and enhance vision reaction time.

Yes, you are right, there are no studies that prove eye exercises can improve vision, but they can relax the eyes. So, are you thinking that do you still need any eye exercises or not? Yes! Read on to find why. Here, we are discussing some important eye care beauty tips and few eye exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Why do you need Eye Exercises?

Today, the number of people suffering from strain and eye fatigue is increasing due to their career and lifestyle choices. These days, both adults, as well as kids, spend most of their time staring at their mobile or computer screen. Other factors like overuse of contact lenses, pollution, and wrong eyeglasses can also affect the eyes. So, to get rid of all eye-related issues, here are some eye care beauty tips and strain-relieving exercises that can help you. Though these exercises cannot improve short-sightedness, dyslexia, and excessive blinking, they can be helpful in the below cases:

ü  Bad focus because of weak eye muscles

ü  Amblyopia or lazy eyes

ü  Double vision

ü  History of an eye surgery

ü  Crossed eyes.

ü  History of eye injury

ü  Poor 3D vision

ü  Eye surgery

ü  Astigmatism

Here are the top eye exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Important Eye Care Tips

a)       Eye Roll- It is one of the important eye care tips. This eye exercise is quite effective when done daily. It helps in strengthening eye muscles and improves the shape of your eyes. So, next time when you roll your eyes after hearing something, feel proud of it and do roll your eyes in the opposite direction too to complete one round. But, as it is an exercise, you must know how to do it the right way.

ü  Sit or stand straight. Keep the shoulders relaxed, neck straight, and look straight.

ü  Look towards your right and then roll your eyes slowly towards the ceiling.

ü  Repeat this in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

b)      Blink your eyes often- Repeated exposure to the computer and TV screen leads to dry eyes, which in turn causes eye strain, headaches, and blur vision. When our eyes are absorbed in the screen, the eye blinking rate falls from 20bpm to 6-8bpm. So, whenever your eyes feel stressed out, blink your eyes as blinking will lubricate the eyes and at the same time refresh your brain to process new graphic data effectively.

c)       Rubbing down- This is one of the most common eye care tips that most of us follow. The best thing about this exercise is one can do this even by wearing contact lenses. This means that you can do this exercise whenever your eyes feel strained and need a refreshing exercise. Here is how to do this exercise.

ü  Stand or sit comfortably and slowly rub your palms together until they become warm.

ü  Close your eyes and keep a palm over each eyelid. Feel the warmth seeping inside your eyes.

ü  Make sure you do not press the eyeballs too hard.

d)      Follow the 20-20 rule- It is another important thing in the list of eye care tips. To avoid tiredness in your eyes, take a break of 20 seconds every 20 minutes. During this time, try to focus on a thing that is kept at least 20 feet away from you. This eye exercise helps avoid digital eye strain and eye damage in the future.

e)      Eye Press- There are days when you feel too much stress at work. This exercise will not only soothe your eyes but will help you to get rid of the stress. How to do it?

ü  Sit in a comfortable position, shut your eyes, and take a deep breath.

ü  Keep a finger on each eyelid and for 10 seconds press lightly.

ü  Release the pressure for nearly 2 seconds and again press gently.

f)        Focus on near and far objects- It is the easiest eye care tips as it does not require any external material. Often people with spectacles get lethargic at gazing and this is one of the major reasons why they fail to have a healthy vision. While doing this exercise, you must take off your glasses and hold one of your thumbs near your eyes and the other one at your arm’s length.

Start by focusing on the thumb held near, followed by one which is at arm’s length. Next, focus on something that is kept across the room and then, ultimately on an object that is far away, like maybe, somewhere across the road.

While doing this exercise, ensure that all the four points are placed along the same line of vision so the change in focus is slight. Spend at least 2 seconds on each object and try to get a clear picture of each item.

g)        Eye massage- This exercise helps in reducing dryness and eye strain. Follow the steps mentioned here to do this exercise the right way.

ü  First, sit straight by keeping the shoulders relaxed.

ü  Bend your head a little and shut your eyes.

ü, Keep your middle and index fingers lightly on the eyelids.

ü, Move your right finger in an anti-clockwise and left finger in a clockwise direction.

ü  Repeat this exercise at least 10 times before you change the direction.

h)      Flexing- Similarly, like you need to move your biceps to make them strong, you must move your eyes too to make the eye muscles strong. Here is how you can do that.

ü  Sit on a chair comfortably and look straight.

ü  Lookup without moving your neck and next look down.

ü  Repeat this 10 times. Then, look at your extreme right again, without moving your head.

ü  Next, look at your left.

ü, Do this at least 10 times for relaxation.

i)        Eye Bounce- This is a fun-filled exercise that you can do while working, watching tv, or before going to bed. For this, what you need to do is:

ü  Stand, sit or lie down. Look straight.

ü  You can keep your eyes either closed or open.

ü  Look up and see down quickly.

ü, Do this 10 times before you stop and rest for 5 seconds.

j)        Palming- This is a relaxing and calming eye exercise. Here is the way you should do it.

ü  Sit on a chair and keep the elbows on a table.

ü, Cover your eyes by forming a cup shape with your palms.

ü, Breathe in and out. Feel the tension releasing.

ü  Chill.

ü  Repeat this for about 30 seconds before you release your pose.

k)       Butterfly exercise- Face forward with keeping your head straight and relax your facial muscles and your lower jaw. Then close and open both eyelids at least 20 times. Keep the muscles relaxed. Make sure your eyelids can move freely, like a butterfly’s wings.

l)        Draw an eight- This is another fun eye exercise to try. The things you will require are a chair and a blank wall. Here is how to do this exercise:

ü, Visualize a huge lateral number 8 on a ceiling or a blank wall.

ü, Map out a path along with the number “8” with your eyes, without nodding your head.

ü, Do this 5 times.

Apart from these eye exercises, various other simple eye care beauty tips are good for the eyes.  What are those?

m) Cold and hot compresses- This is a relaxing way to put an end to a stressful day. Take a bowl of hot water and a bowl of cold water. Dip a towel in each bowl and squeeze out the extra water. First, you must keep the hot compress on the eyes as well as the eyebrows. Feel the warmth and after 5 seconds do the same using cold water. Do it 5 times.

n) Enjoy a nap- Taking a short nap is one of the best eye care tips to relax and brighten your eyes. Power naps can improve productivity and improve the functioning of the brain. So, try to give some rest to your eyes. Also, before sleeping keep all the electronic gadgets away from you. Similarly, do not wake up seeing your mobile phone or laptop.

These eye care tips will help, but along with these you must eat healthy food and follow the right hygiene to boost your eye’s health. If you want to take proper care of your eyes, then these eye care tips will prove to be helpful.